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Lord Krishna Image Download For Wallpaper/Lord Krishna Images

Lord Krishna Image Download For Wallpaper/Lord Krishna Images  - hi .friends, how are you? I hope you are well .are you finding lord Krishna's image then you are the right place to come here .in this blog post I shared some most beautiful lord Krishna images for you. 

Lord Krishna is the porno avatar of Hindu mythology. he is the god of Hinduism.he is also known as supreme God.he is eight avatars in Vishnu god came to earth.he is the most popular god in Hinduism.

lord krishna image
lord Krishna image
Lord Krishna was born in approximately on 18th July 3228 bc in Mathura. it was the time of beginning Koliyug.his birth was spiritual and devotes.his birth time he was danger for kanksha.kanksha was trying to kill him when he was born. lord Krishna's parent's name was Vasudev and Devaki but he lived in yosada and Nanda at Gokul.

His little childhood life is very funny. he was very cruel and running speed nobody can not catch him.his little life he was playing a very nice flute. he loves cow and peacock.when he playing the flute,   all tree, river, people, and animal listing his flute sound. he always a better playing flute.

Krishna means black or solid blue. Krishna's body color was blue-black. krishna loves Radha. Radha is the highest love for mankind's inspiration for going to a divine path. Krisha taught a divine path for everyone.his path is also known as Bhakti Yoga.

  • lord Krishna image
  • lord krishna images
  • lord krishna image hd

Krishna teaches everyone in Bhagwat Gita. Krisha said Arjun When was Kurukshetra war, in battlefield Krishna said his the divine path on his Bhagwat Gita. Bhagwat Gita is a famous book in Hinduism. Lord Krishna told every solution of life through this book. The Bhagwat Gita book is important for our life.its is the best book for changing our life. this book though we know the real truth of our life.

Here is some beautiful Bhagwat Gita line -

 '' The immortal soul in the body is a part of mine and it is he who draws the five senses and the sixth -the mind -that dwell in nature'' (Geeta .15/7)

''There are only two types of human beings, the Dev (divine) of whom the heart is dominated by the noble traits and the Asur (devil) whose evil traits dominate the heart.in this entire creation, there are no other types of human beings.''(Geeta, 16/6)

'' soul is eternal and true - "The self,  which can not be pierced or Burnt or made wet or faded, is uninterrupted, all-pervasive, constant, immovable and eternal'' (Geeta, 2/24)

Here is some beautiful lord Krishna image/lord Krishna images .here you can download lord Krishna image HD for your mobile or desktop. You can share it on your social site. if you want to download the images then right click on image and save in your mobile gallery.

lord krishna image
lord Krishna image

lord krishna images
lord Krishna images

lord krishna images
lord Krishna images

so above collection is Lord Krishna's images. please leave a comment on which topic you need to blog post.

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